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The Light Source Center

The Light Source Center is a non-profit school dedicated to offering students the tools through meditation for personal growth. Founded more than 20 years ago by Natlie, the school creates the environment for each student to discover and understand his or her own truths through a connection to Spirit.

Students of the Light Source Center come from around the world and from diverse backgrounds. Each student’s journey is unique. Every student is given the keys to begin their journey in the light. Learning to love oneself is part of that journey. Everyone has the ability to do it and live his or her individual truth.

The tools utilized in guided meditation include deep breathing, feeling, creative visualization, understanding energy — such as the difference between positive and negative energies — and opening a connection to Spirit.

The meditations are not based on formulas, books or doctrines. It is up to each student to find the answers to his or her own questions. The meditations are tailored to give each student the tools to deal with his or her own issues. Using them can lead students to trust themselves more, live in their hearts, realize that they — not others — make the choices affecting their lives.

  • Transformation Meditations

    Join The Light Source Center for a series of unique, guided group meditations. Each meditation will offer you foundational tools that can be used to transform your life. Learn how to use the Light, love and positive energy to live a more balanced life. Learning to love yourself, facing the world without fear and creating a life based on your own truths is possible with the tools offered in this monthly meditation series. The meditations are open to anyone with interest. No meditation experience is necessary. See the Events Section for more details.