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All classes at the Light Source Center are based on the teachings and curriculum developed by Natlie. Classes are held in small groups and, occasionally, individually, in six week segments. Students are placed in classes to best enhance the learning of each individual and accommodate schedules and every student progresses at his or her own rate.

Classes are offered Monday through Thursday and can be taken in person or long-distance. Phone classes and Skype classes are both available. Students are required to pay any of the fees associated with their long-distance class, such as the cost of the phone call.

The Light Source Center strives to create a community of learning for all of its students. Group sittings with Natlie are held monthly and there regularly is a brunch the Sunday after the sitting. The events are designed to offer students a chance to gather together and share their ideas and experiences. In addition, to these monthly events, the center regularly hosts informal gatherings and programs for students, such as dinners and discussion groups. Please, see our events page for a schedule and more information.