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The Light Source Center offers a variety of classes in small group and private settings. If you are interested in joining a class or seek more information, please email us at or call us at (860) 287-3119.


All classes at the Light Source Center are based on the teachings and curriculum developed by our Founder, Natlie. Classes are held in six week segments. Students are placed in classes to best enhance the learning of each individual and accommodate schedules. Every student progresses at their own rate. Classes are offered Monday through Friday and can be taken in person or long-distance.

Group Meditations

Group Meditations are offered Monday to Wednesday. Group meditations are a great way to connect our light and experience a guided meditation together. They are an opportunity to practice the tools learned in other programs.

2020 Transformation Meditation Series

This is a monthly series geared towards newer students or people who have never meditated with the LSC before. Participants will learn to connect more to their heart, how to use the light and other tools to transform their lives.

Monthly Sittings

The monthly Sittings are an opportunity to sit and meditate in very powerful energy that is channeled.

Sunday Meditations

Whether you have been meditating with the LSC for years or you've never meditated before, this meditation will give you a few tools to stay balanced and in the light throughout the week. Join us at 6 pm Sundays from March 29 to April 26, 2020 for a guided meditation and discussion. This program is free.

Meditation Breaks

Join us at noon, Tuesdays through Fridays until April 30, 2020 for half-hour meditation sessions. These meditations are an opportunity to connect, balance and get back to your day with new energy. The format for these sessions will be a brief centering, clearing out your space energetically, and a short breathing exercise before each person then goes off on their own to focus inward. This program is free.

The Light Source Center creates an environment for each student to discover and understand his or her own truth. We believe these tools offered through meditation should be available to anyone who would like them. Scholarships are available for those who cannot afford classes.